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1)Modulation:Compatible SFHSS
2) Super small size: 22.5*12.0*6.5mm(not including antenna)
3) Super light: 1.25g (not including power cables and motor connector)
4) Working voltage: 3.3~4.2V
5) Supports double aileron mode(same-phase)
6) Built-in 5A 1S brushless ESC
7) Auto binding
8) Support TELEM function (only advanced version)
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  • CROSSOVER-RX Ma-RX42E-S(FUTABA-SFHSS) Built-in Brushless ESC/5CH MicroRX

    Ma-RX42E-S series receivers are developed on the basis of MA-RX42-S series receiver, it comes with a built-in 5A 1S brushless ESC, but the size is very colse to MA-RX42-S receivers. Customc can change receiver very easily and enjoy brushless flight.


    1)Modulation:Compatible SFHSS
    2) Super small size: 22.5*12.0*6.5mm(not including antenna)
    3) Super light: 1.25g (not including power cables and motor connector)
    4) Working voltage: 3.3~4.2V
    5) Supports double aileron mode(same-phase)
    6) Built-in 5A 1S brushless ESC
    7) Auto binding
    8) Support TELEM function (only advanced version)

    Basic version

    3)Built-in brushless ESC(5A/1S ):Yes
    4)TELEM function:No

    Connection Diagram

    Auto binding

    As it is difficult to reach the binding button when the receiver has been installed inside the plane, we developed self-binding function, it works like this: The receiver will enter binding mode automatically after powered and no signal for 15 seconds (slow flashing LED light turns to fast flashing), then complete the binding operation according to your transmitter binding manual.

    Double ailerons mode

    This function is for planes with double ailerons, it can simplify servo connection and transmitter set up. Short connect P ports on the picture can get Double Ailerons Mode, meanwhile CH5 is set to reversal phase CH4 output.

    MA-RX42-X series receivers have the following 8 versions


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    1)The Ma-RX42E series RX are Not a copy or fake products of other companies;

    2)MXO-RF and CROSSOVER-RX brand guaranteed its high quality and continuous technical service.

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