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MXO-RACING RXC42-K1(Kyosho/KO-ASF) V2 Super Micro SurfaceRX/4CH/MINIZ/ATM/DRZ/GL

1)Modulation:Compatible KYOSHO 2.4GHz ASF
2)Small size:   19*12mm
3)Super light: 2g(including antenna)
4)Working voltage:3.7~8.4V
5)High performance CPU enhance exactness control feeling
6)4 channel support
7)Added failsafe function
8)Ideal for any micro RC racing chassis
9)Comes with 3P 1.5mm plug
$ 36.99
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  • MXO-RACING RXC42-K1(Kyosho/KO-ASF) V2 Super Micro SurfaceRX/4CH/MINIZ/ATM/DRZ/GL       

    This RC receiver unit is KYOSHO ASF compatible. It offers full 4-channel support in ultra-light weight and micro size. It is designed for micro racing cars.



    1)Modulation:Compatible KYOSHO 2.4GHz ASF
    2)Small size:   19*12mm
    3)Super light: 2g(including antenna)
    4)Working voltage:3.7~8.4V
    5)High performance CPU enhance exactness control feeling
    6)4 channel support
    7)Added failsafe function
    8)Ideal for any micro RC racing chassis
    9)Comes with 3P 1.5mm plug

    Compatible Transmitters

    KYOSHO KT-18         KO PROPO EX-5UR ASF
    KO PROPO 901SM/902SM RF Module

    Connection Diagram

    Bind and Failsafe

    Power on your transmitter and receiver. Adjust transmitter each channel to the exact position you want to have in failsafe mode. Transmitter set to pair mode. Receiver led should be on. Long press the pair button. After around 2 seconds the LED will turn to fast flashing first then turn to on status again. Now the pairing is done and the failsafe data is saved. Power off the transmitter and receiver then power on again then the receiver will work.


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    1)The RXC42 series RX are Not a copy or fake products of other companies
    2MXO-RACING brand guaranteed its high quality and continuous technical service.

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